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Dare I say..... Hello? Three months later....

Posted by jamie on the 20 January 2013

Hello, Bonjour, 你好, здравствуйте

Ok so it has been rather a long time since my last blog - and I apologise! However that is about to change. Since October 2012 so much has happened so be prepared for a barricade of blog posts with memories, thoughts and suggestions for adventures. I graduated with my Masters from St Andrews, finally visited the imperial city of St Petersburg (it was PETERTASTIC…. See what I did there?), saw amazing sights across Europe; London, Windsor, Berlin, Brussels, Bruges and many…. museums as you would expect a museum geek too! 


October 2012, Palace Square, St Petersburg, Russia (Дворцо́вая пло́щадь, Санкт-Петербург, Россия)

The experience I had in Russia were ones I shall always remember. I know I will be back over visiting very soon! Not just for the strong vodka, tasty blinis and gold-laden churches but because Russia is so similar but yet so different. I didn't get to do one of my ambitions… travel on the infamous Trans-Siberian/Trans-Manchurian on the seven day rail journey to Beijing. My blog is (ideally) going to be a 'higgledy piggledy' mix of my travels, thoughts, reviews and just my general comments on life and thoughts. I am going to start this rather unconventionally with some blog posts about the past few months… with facts and thoughts on places and the experiences I have had. 

Over and out!

And my quote of the day… 

"Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will be as one." - John Lennon 

About Jamie

2014- Project Coordinator at a new community project in Wishaw

2013 - Youth Development Worker at Trust Volunteering Inverclyde, a project of Inverclyde Community Development Trust - aiming to improve the volunteering experience for organisations and individuals by breaking down barriers, increasing the number and broadening the range of individuals and organisations involved in volunteering, encouraging young people to volunteer, promoting the recognition of volunteering at local and national policy level.

2012- Graduate with Postgraduate Masters in Museum and Gallery Studies, Became a Muscovite sipped vodka whilst visiting the galleries of the Hermitage, St Petersburg (not really but I did do them at separate times). 

2011- University of St Andrews, Postgraduate Masters in Museum and Galleries Studies. Graduated BA Humanities & Social Sciences (Community Education), University of Strathclyde. University of Latvia (Latvijas Universitāte) course in Creative ESOL teaching

2010 - Volunteer Project Assistant at Glasgow Museums for ESOL Cultural Diversity Project University Placement. Winner of Museum Volunteer of the Year 2010 - Scotland Region, Marsh Christian Trust. Awarded the Institute of Contemporary Scotland's Young Scot of the Year Award 2010 for outstanding contribution to Scottish Society. Detached Youth Worker at Queens Cross Housing Association

2009 - Graduated from the University of Vienna (Universität Wien) with a Diploma in European Studies with Highest Distinction. Youth Assistant at UNICEF UK for University Placement

2008 - I gained my TEFL Certificate allowing me to teach English to non native speakers. Volunteered as an English Teacher at Şcoala Avram Iancu High School in Arad, Romania. Travelled around Europe with the heaviest bag ever!

2006 - Awarded UNICEF UK's 60th Anniversary Award for Youth Empowerment activism 

2005 - Delegate to the C8 Summit, Young People's alternative summit to the Glen Eagles G8 Summit. UNICEF UK Representative

2003-2005 Board Director at Glasgow Anti-Racist Alliance

I believe in secularism, parliamentary democracy and believe strongly in the values of the United Nations and European Union.