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Stuart McMillan MSP visits Trust Volunteering

Posted by jamie on the 03 August 2013

Stuart McMillan MSP came to the 'Gie's Peace' project at Trust Volunteering yesterday. The project works with a spectrum of Inverclyders to explore sectarianism in the community and creatively raises awareness of the issue through drama, art and media. 


Just incase anyone is reading my blog and doesn't understand what sectarianism is.... and in the west of Scotland, it takes the form the form of religious and political sectarian rivalry between Protestants and Roman Catholics . It is reinforced by the rivalry between the Old Firm football clubs of Rangers and Celtic. 

Growing up in the east end of Glasgow, I heard many a sectarian view point from both sides. I believe that sectarian believes must be challenged. To me, sectarianism is sheer ignorance and must be tackled through forward thinking educational projects such as 'Gie's Peace'. 

The project was recently awarded Scottish Government funding for another two years. Fantastic News! Stuart McMillan MSP met the volunteers behind the project and engaged the entire group into discussions why anti-sectarianism projects just as 'Gie's Peace' are crucial for Scotland's communities. Projects that promote equality and mutual understanding of people with different backgrounds whether that be religion, race, sexuality, disability or anything that distinguishes them from others are essential for Scotland to become a beacon for true equality. 

Stuart McMillan MSP not only came to visit 'Gie's Peace' but learned from the volunteers and the project. It was fantastic to see the young volunteers be so passionate about Scotland's society, our future and our community of Inverclyde. It's great to see Trust Volunteering and Gie's Peace getting recognised by our MSP. 

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